Moving On Without Shame

My ex’s used to make me feel guilty for moving on as quickly as I do. Even if I am not seeing anyone new, I get over things quickly. I used to be ashamed of this, as if this character trait made me a whore. That’s how other people made me feel. But after my last relationship ended (on and off for months) I have awoken to see myself in a new light. He was so very sensitive to everything I did and he still seems to be, though we are not together and we do not go out of our way to talk. I have realized now that I am entitled to my feelings, I am allowed to move at my own pace and I don’t have to waste time mourning relationships or shaming myself. I will embrace my feelings for what they are. I accept myself and I forgive my past. I just don’t want to punish myself anymore. It’s about me now and what I want and how I want to feel. It’s about where I’m at. I am not a monster. I am a Sagittarius. I am an independent woman. I am simply free.


Human is Beautiful

People go really out of their way to meet the high beauty standards of today’s society. It’s not okay to hurt yourself. It’s not okay to do things that make you sick. It IS okay to do what you want, to be who you want and to look how you want though. People should feel free to express themselves, rather than obligated to dress themselves a certain way. You don’t need anything to be beautiful.
I’m not saying you’re wrong if you have a beauty routine. In fact, as long as your routine is a reflection of self care and self LOVE, I am all for it! But don’t disrespect yourself to please others and don’t make decisions that affect your wellbeing negatively. It’s one thing to honor yourself through self care (like shaving or foot scrubbing for example) or to express yourself through makeup but when you’re making decisions to alter your natural state of being such as chemical spray tans, injections and surgical procedures, it tends to be an act of self-dislike or even a deeper self-hatred or disrespect than you are able to express on the surface. 

Embrace your beauty. You are unique, you are HUMAN and human is BEAUTIFUL.

Performing any act out of self-dislike only yields personally dissatisfying results. You don’t need to change yourself to love yourself!

Personally, I wear what I’m comfortable in. I don’t have any particular style or limitations. Makeup hurts my face and glasses help me see. This is what I am: a raw woman who forgets to wear deodorant and shave most of the time. Who forgets that boxers and backward hats are for boys. Who can’t stand bras. Who has short nails and dainty hands. Who is scarred all over by cats and climbing. Who gets acne randomly. Who isn’t afraid to get dirty or scrape a knee or pee in the woods. This is me, right? Just a weird human being with a right to be whatever it is I already am.

Bless you all, doing you. Spread the love. Spread confidence and embrace individuality! 

Malachite for Women

One of my absolute favorite healing mineral gemstones is Malachite.   
Many people find Malachite overbearing or overwhelming to work with. For those on the quieter side, it provides the gift of outspokenness and the ability to express blunt honesty. For those who already tend to be forward and social, malachite can enhance these communicative traits in an uncomfortable way, causing the wearer to feel or appear as though he or she is being rude.

Malachite is known to help women by relieving menstrual cramps through an increase in blood flow. It also promotes fertility and eases anxiety. 

Malachite is a toxic mineral and should never be ingested! The properties of malachite are extracted solely through energetic accompaniment and acknowledgment. It should be worn or carried in a backpack or purse to promote healing, comfort and confidence.


The Trouble with Veganism

Veganism: A Static Solution to a Dynamic Problem
So, vegans really need a separate space to express their actions and beliefs because when presented with a problem so huge and so branded into the normality of life, the general population becomes offended by the proposal of a solution. This does not make them less than or unenlightened. Those of us who do not face this issue are either under-informed (which is normal due to the lack of media coverage and over-selling of a false industry) or they simply are not ready to make the change. We MUST allow everyone and ourselves to move at a pace in which we grow both physically and spiritually. We should not feel the need to isolate ourselves from others or privately shame those with differing beliefs but rather discuss our path and how we will begin to encourage the world to change for the better and escape the illusions we have been fed. That being said, I want to know WHY others made the choice to be vegitarian or vegan! For me it was an extremely important health decision, having suffered with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and auto-immune deficiencies all my life. (Which many people are developing now-a-days partially due to the mass over-consumption of meat and dairy) The antibiotics and hormones in meat and dairy products were wreaking havoc on my already weak and fragile body. On top of that, I am an environmentalist, and the affects of animal agriculture / factory farming has on our planet is HORRIFYING. This issue has been kept hidden from the public eye for too long because of the government ties with industry and media. Wildlife is my family, nature is my sanctuary and the rainforest is my lungs! This deep connection with and compassion for all things “earth” has lead me to pursue a new lifestyle. It’s not just about cruelty, it’s about caring for YOURSELF. Because you live on this planet; you reside in your body; it’s your job to take responsibility for your decisions. I am really looking forward to discussing these issues and what we can do to help and support one another! I’ll post a bunch of my favorite links soon but in the meantime, for those of you with Netflix, CHECK THESE OUT! “Cowspiracy” “Forks Over Knives” “The Human Experiment” & “I Am” – more favorites to come!!

Love and light! -Lisa Lynn

Emerald and Green Calcite


Emerald provides a deep sense of domestic bliss. It is a stone of the heart chakra which guides you to make decisions that suit you and those around you emotionally. Emerald allows you to better focus on your intentions and take action against negativity. This will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Emerald will reassure you of your decisions by amplifying your sense of truth and clarity. Like yellow calcite, it promotes action adding intention from the heart.
Green Calcite compliments the Emerald energies. Green calcite is a stone of manifestation, bringing forth the energy of trust especially in oneself and ones decisions. This is a wonderful stone for caregivers or nurturing figures such as mothers. Like Emerald, it is also best used upon the heart chakra for enhanced emotional balance but it is also known for its ability to provide mental balance as well. Green Calcite helps to dispel old habits and beliefs which hold you back or no longer serve you or your purpose. It is an amazing assistant during times of big transitions or mental change, allowing you to see all perspectives of a situation and reminding you of the temporary nature of struggle.

Convenience VS. Quality

   I’ve come to realize that convenience has ruined quality and without quality we take so many things for granted because it’s all disposable. I don’t know why the majority of humanity has reasoned that convenience feels better than working hard to achieve something but think about how deeply it has affected our lives! You can apply this Convenience VS. Quality concept to ANY invention or process that has been modified since its birth.
When it rains in your tent you get a sense of what is really important and what is not worth fretting over.
   The record player provides the best quality of music but for convenience we settle for CDs and MP3s and thus we take these for granted because a record requires care but a CD or an MP3 are not a rare, collectable or valuable item; they are easily replaceable. 
   Once we were so thankful to have clean China to eat off of because we spent our time scrubbing every little utensil we used by hand. Now we have dishwashers which conveniently clean our China for us and sometimes they don’t do a fantastic job and we take them for granted, exclaiming they are worthless and do not function well enough for our standards. Our appreciation for common things these days is a rare occurrence in the mind that we often dismiss due to the uncomfortable idea that we are the problem. 
   Milk used to be so cherished because the farmer would milk the cows and bottle the milk and a boy would deliver it to your door in a crate. You were so relieved when he showed up and you were all out. Now we have factories mass-producing milk and other products we take for granted and these factories have ruined the quality of our products, our animals and our environment. 
   Another example of this concept is our phones- like the one I am writing this on right now. Phones were once a sturdy emergency tool that we were so appreciative of having… Now we have found it convenient to look at our phones during awkward situations, call people when we are sad and alone, distract ourselves from anything uncomfortable and active… What has the convenience of a cellphone taken away from us? Our quality of life?
   Think about all the inventions and processes we are taking for granted… Stop and appreciate all that the world is doing for you and if convenience ever threatens sustainability or comes between the people and their quality of life, cut it off.

Spirit Sisters

I recently posted an open call for soul sisters on my Instagram and was absolutely shocked when after my initial 11 interested girls got a group started, a flood of HUNDREDS more came to me saying, “I’m in!” and “I need this!” all while tagging their friends, exclaiming, “This is what I was telling you about!”

   It’s incredible how many beautiful women of all ages, shapes and colors have come forth to request the love and support of their earthly sisters while traveling and discovering individual spiritual journeys. I have faith that this group will allow us to learn and understand ourselves more deeply through embracing and appreciating one another.

Needless to say I was thrilled with the feedback but also clueless as to how I would host such a large group considering Instagram only allows 20 people at a time in a private group message! So I began the hunt for a virtual space to gather my ladies! I came across chatzy first which turned out to be interesting but not very mobile friendly and compatible for all the girls! (If you click the word chatzy I have hyperlinked it to OUR original chatroom which is password protected but available here for reference.)

Now I have made us an official Facebook page! and an official Facebook Group! 

Also request to be added to the new Facebook GROUP (Spirit Sisters United) or add me as a friend and I will add you! (Lisa Krasnicki) 
I am so blessed to have found all these people who apparently were seeking each other and I as well!

Check out our current mission statement below!

        This group was formed with the intention to teach and learn from other divine feminine beings and their life experiences!
We, Soul Sisters United, stand for self-love, community support, spiritual growth and equality.
We are strong and driven, open-minded women who are ready to embrace ourselves and one another as sisters! 

    Welcome to our judgement-free group of Strong, Spiritual and Supportive Women! Let’s come together as sisters and share our stories with love and light!

    If this sounds like you and something you would love to be a part of, don’t hesitate to contact me! Though the initial shock of catching the interest of hundreds was slightly overwhelming, we are capable of handling anything when we work together AND WE ARE ECSTATIC TO INVITE YOU WITH OPEN ARMS AND GRATITUDE!
    I’m dedicated to teaching and learning from every single one of you and I am so blessed to have connected with all of you strong individuals!
    You can like our page on Facebook to contact me as well as find me on Instagram @BeLightByLove or click the hyperlink above to open up chatzy if you have acquired the password from myself or another member.
   I will soon be making us a Facebook GROUP as well which we will more easily be able to interact on!
  If you have any suggestions you should absolutely contact me because I’ll take all the advice I can get especially regarding domains from which to host our group!
Stay blessed!